FTF-48 Elastomer Testing System

United manufactures a variety of special purpose tensile testing systems such as the FTF-48 Elastomer Testing System shown here. Do you have testing requirements that only a special purpose testing machine can satisfy?

  • Computer-controlled rubber testing system
  • Perform fatigue-to-failure test on 48 samples at one time
  • No troublesome micro-switches and mechanical counters
  • Solid state electronics for counting and failure detection
  • Specifications:
    • Capacity: 48 samples
    • Stroke: 0 to 4 inches
    • Speed: 100 strokes per minute
    • Switches: photoelectric
    • Counter: software on IBM-compatible PC
    • Power: 115 or 230 Volts, 60 Hz, less than 10 Amps
  • Count values are recorded to file every 100 strokes
  • Number of strokes can be pre-set by operator
  • Failed samples are displayed in different color on computer monitor for easy spotting
  • Plot of failures vs. number of strokes is automatically created
  • System can be set to stop when a certain percentage of the samples have failed
  • Available with optional integrated environmental chamber (as shown).

The United Model SSTM testing machine is a computer inclusive, electromechanical, test system designed to accommodate a variety of testing instruments and accessories to test various types of material including ceramics, plastics, polymers, metals and composites. Contact a United sales representative for more details.

Besides being involved in the production and manufacturing process of our main product lines, United engineers are constantly working to improve current products as well as coming up with new items to satisfy the ever-increasing demands of our customers. Below are a few of our recent projects.


Automatic Carbon Fiber Testing


The United Automatic Carbon Fiber Tester is designed to automatically (without operator intervention) test up to 200 specimens of carbon fiber in one setup. For easy record keeping and generating reports, specimen data are entered into the test software via barcode. The diameter of each fiber specimen is measured by a laser diffraction measuring system.

Super-Long-Beam Flex Tester

Designed and manufactured by United Testing Systems, Inc. for the Carter Holt Harvey Wood Products company of New Zealand, this computerized, super-long-beam tester will be used to test the flexural modulus of various types of wood products.


Special Hardness Testers


United has delivered a special hardness tester to the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

This machine is capable of conducting a variety of hardness tests. It uses Rockwell, Vickers or Knoop indenters and features programmable forces. Interchangeable load cells allow operation from a few grams to 500 Kg. A larger frame could expand the capability to 3000 Kg for Brinnell testing. The tester is equipped with an X-Y motion system to allow automatic specimen motion with repeatability +/- 0.5 micron.

This hardness tester has no elevating screw. The head is moved by a two-column ball screw system derived from the United SSTM 1000 Lbf universal testing machine loadframe. The frame is symmetrical to avoid the bending effect seen with “C” shaped frames.

Depth of penetration is measured directly by a Heidenhain Metro gage. The depth gage is suspended from a separate set of columns and “extra” crosshead.

The tester is equipped with a microscope and TV camera (see above picture) with variable magnification from 100 to 400 times. This mechanism allows the operator to visually select a position for the test. The system will then move the specimen so that the selected spot is directly under the indenter. After the test, the specimen is moved back to the original position so the operator can view the test impression. A video frame-grabber board allows the PC to take a “snapshot” of the test and save it with the force and depth data.

Tensile System With Heated Saline Bath

A compact tensile system with heated saline bath has been delivered to Biosense Webster, a medical equipment manufacturer.

This is a 500 pound capacity horizontal machine with a 12 by 72 inch heated bath six inches deep for testing tubing and other components which are in contact with blood or other body fluids during their normal use. The machine also has the ability to apply and measure torsion loads while measuring and controlling tensile loading.

The load frame is derived from the SSTM-500, but arranged horizontally to allow the full length of the test part to be submerged in the saline bath. The bath is maintained at human body temperature and circulated by a pump to minimize temperature variations. A novel feature of the system is a set of air operated jacks which lift the load frame to move the test specimen out of the saline bath for easy access.


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