★ Self-ID Load Cells ★ 

Interface 1600 Gold Standard

Self-ID calibration load cell

Low-profile pancake load cell

Technically known as precision electronic force measuring units, United’s Load Cells are designed to precisely measure the amount of force (load) applied to the specimen being tested. Available in single or dual bridge, United load cells offer the flexibility of using two readouts simultaneously, if desired. Constructed to meet ASTM E-4 requirements, each self-identifying load cell contains a resident flash memory storing the following properties:
✪ Serial number
✪ Capacity
✪ Second order coefficients
✪ Date calibrated
✪ Uncertainty
✪ Checksum

★ Digital Information System 

The United DIGI-7000 Touch Force Meter is a precision data acquisition system designed to
provide materials and product test operators with intuitive features during force and stress
measurement. These features include:
✪ 9 touch-selectable units of measure (Lbf, N, kN, kgf, gf, mV/V, mV, PSI, MPa)
✪ Simultaneous display of peak, gross, and rate values
✪ Resistive touchscreen allows use of gloves
✪ Enlarged gross force or stress value display
✪ Selectable auto-scaling decimal place by value magnitude
✪ 20 available stored load cell profiles with up to 5th order polynomial fit
✪ Automated printing & peak reset triggered by specimen break
✪ Configuration security PIN
✪ Durable buttons for harsh environments and touch feature enable/disable
✪ Serial printing
✪ Stress area calculation
Product Dimensions

Stand Alone Touch Force Meter


Panel Mount Touch Force Meter


★ Extensometers, United Model EZ 

EZ-.2-2 Extensometer

EZ-.2-2 Averaging Extensometer

EZ-.1-1 Extensometer

EZ-.1-1 Averaging Extensometer

Easy, quick, one-handed placement is the key to United’s Model EZ Extensometer. Designed with a minimum number of moving parts, and “snap-on” mechanization, the unit combines simple operation with reliable, efficient measuring performance.
To accommodate most testing requirements, the EZ extensometer can be used on either round or flat samples. Each comes with two special features: a built-in overload protection and the automatic gage length setting which helps ensure a high degree of consistency between the users and the testing samples. Special gage lengths are also available upon request. Available in both room and high temperature versions, the EZ Extensometer is accurate to ± 0.0001 (Class B1) as per ASTM-E83.
✪ Easy, one-hand placement
✪ Lightweight
✪ Gage length automatically set
✪ Right or left hand attachment
✪ English or metric measuring
✪ Fewer moving parts
✪ Easy field calibration
✪ Fit on round or flat samples
✪ Available in self-ID
✪ Also available in averaging
✪ 350-Ohm bridge
✪ 2 mv/volt output

★ Laser Extensometer ★

Using a unique laser scanning approach developed by United Calibration Corporation, the United Laser Extensometer permits accurate non-contact extension measurement from the start of the test through sample failure without test interruption. Designed to provide accurate extension measurements from less than 1% to greater than 1000% strain, this versatile optical scanning device performs well for sample testing with an environmental chamber at elevated or even very low test temperatures, as well as at normal temperatures and environments.
The United Laser Extensometer is unique in its ability to measure a broad range of materials including ultra-high modulus carbon composites, ceramics, steel and non-ferrous metals, paper and wood products as well as most varieties of elastomers. For more information on the United Laser Extensometer and how it compares with other non-contact extensometry methods, see the web article:
Optical Extensometry - It's Here To Stay
15-Laser Extensometer