Tru-Blue II Hardness Tester

Why do the following 5 manufacturers of Rockwell diamond indenters and test blocks trust the TRU-BLUE II to match NIST and UKAS national standards?
          ✪  David L. Ellis Company
          ✪  Gilmore Diamond and Tool Company
          ✪  WESTport Corporation
          ✪  Star Industrial Tool Ltd
          ✪  Euro Products Ltd
This level of quality began in 1985 by utilizing a load cell and computer to monitor all required forces in real-time.CertLayout
Each tester comes with a multi-page “Direct Certification” which lists the calibration of force and depth including uncertainties, a time vs. load curve and the effects of hysteresis. This document gives the user the confidence that the TRU-BLUE II will meet all National and Aerospace requirements.
TBII Infographic

View the Tru-Blue II Informational Brochure PDF here:

TB-II Brochure

Tru-Blue II Features

    • 15 Superficial scales: 15N, 30N, 45N, 15T, 30T, 45T, 15W, 30W, 45W, 15X, 30X, 45X. 15Y, 30Y, 45Y
    • 15 Regular scales: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, K, L, M, N, P, S, V
    • 5 preset load dwell times including plastics
    • Computer controlled application of loads (closed-loop)
    • Force measured via load cell
    • Display resolution: points, tenths and hundredths
    • Serial, Parallel for Dot Matrix printing, & PS/2 keyboard connections
    • Display statistics: Avg, Range, Min/Max, Std deviation and Number of tests
    • 4×20 VF display
    • Automatic cylindrical part correction
    • Scale to scale conversion
    • Parts GOOD/NO GOOD
    • Bi-directional testing capability
    • Removable parts clamping device
    • Factory direct certification: Depth, load, hysteresis & timing
    • Factory indirect certification: B, C, 30N & 30T. Additional scales available (Relevant indenters/anvils must be provided)
    • CE approved
    • 2-year factory warranty
    • Vertical testing capacities: 10, 14, 18 & 20 inches. Custom vertical heights available
    • Throat depth: 5.5 in. (standard) 9.5 in. (optional)
    • 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Single phase, 2 amp
    • 1
    More Tru-Blue II Specs

    Rockwell Scales

    Regular: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, K, L, M, P, R, S, V
    Superficial: 15N, 30N, 45N, 15T, 30T, 45T, 15W, 30W, 45X 15Y, 30Y, 45Y

    Brinell (Optional)

    Test Forces in Kg.:
    2. 2.5, 4, 5, 6.25, 7.8125, 10, 15.625, 20, 30, 31.25, 40, 62.5, 100, 120, 125, 150, 187.5 and 250.
    Test Dwell Settings selectable in 1 sec. increments: 5-30
    Direct reading of Brinell indentations. One hardness range calibration at a time.

    Vickers: (Optional)

    Test Forces in Kg:
    3, 5, 10, 30, 50, 100, 120 and 125.
    Test Dwell Settings selectable in 1 sec. increments: 5-30
    Direct reading of Vickers indentations. One hardness range calibration.

    Selection: Preliminary: Total: Recovery:
    Minimum 1 second 2 seconds 1 second
    Standard 3 seconds 4 seconds 3 seconds
    NIST 3 seconds 5 seconds 4 seconds
    Maximum 5 seconds 6 seconds 5 seconds
    Plastic 10 seconds 15 seconds 15 seconds
    Factory preset, non-adjustable preliminary and total force dwell timing.

    Accessories & Info

    TBII Accessories2
    TBII Accessories1

    View our catalog of parts and accessories for the Tru-Blue II


    Rockwell, Brinell and Micro hardness test blocks:

    All test blocks come with a certification sheet containing all the necessary calibration information.

    Rockwell test blocks can be ordered with a “circle grid” pattern for an additional fee


    Rockwell diamond indenters:

    Scales A, C, N and C/N combo indenters. All diamond indenters come with certifications.


    Carbide ball indenters:

    1/16, 1/8, ¼ and ½ inch. 2.5, 5 and 10mm.


    Anvils and support devices:

    Spots, flats, “V”, Vari and Jack rests.


    Additional accessories:

    2 inch roll mini serial and parallel printers
    Stationary and mobile stands
    Foot switch to activate test cycle
    Mini PS/2 keyboard
    Flexible LED lamp

    Tru-Blue II Videos

    United Tru-Blue II Hardness Tester:
    Choice Of The Very Best!

    Video clip of a Tru-Blue II being used in an episode of CSI.

    Testers installed on our mobile stands do not require recalibration when moved,
    as our Tru-Blue II is designed to withstand movement.

    Demonstration of the removable clamping device, a standard accessory of the Tru-Blue II.

    1 Step 1
    Every Tru-Blue tester purchased allowsUnited to support local US businesses:

    Measurement Gauges
    Circuit Boards
    Various Electronic Components
    Heat Treating
    Powder Coating/Painting

    Published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Recommended Practice Guide, Rockwell Hardness Measurement of Metallic Materials, is essential reading for anyone concerned with hardness testing.
    Written by Samuel R. Low of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, this book contains detailed information on everything related to Rockwell Hardness testing, from test procedures to references for test block standards to direct and indirect verifications. This publication resolves several questions including the following:
    Begin-RockwellA.p65✪ How often should indirect verification be performed? (Page 54)
    ✪ Should my hardness tester be “Directly Verified”? (Page 44)
    ✪ Should machine hysteresis be checked? (Page 45)
    ✪ How does the test cycle time affect hardness readings? (Page 27)
    ✪ What about force verification? (Page 45)
    ✪ What happens if the machine forces are adjusted? (Page 45)
    Download the complete on-line version of this publication (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). To order the print version, please contact United Calibration Corporation at (714) 638-2322 or FAX (714) 897-8496. We will be glad to mail you a copy free of charge.

    Tru-Blue II Mobile Stand

    The mobile floor stand allows the end user to move the tester easily to mulitple locations. Mounting of the tester to the stand is required for safe movement. Setup is performed by disconnecting and re-connecting of the AC power cable. The Tru-Blue II tester is not required to be re-certified, only to be pre-checked on the selected scales to be used.

    Note: please see ASTM E18 table A1.1 “Verification schedule for a Rockwell Testing Machine”. The Tru-Blue II is designed to be moved without recalibration!

    Free Non-Certified Test

    At United, we are dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction and complete understanding of our products. Upon request, United’s hardness department will provide a no-obligation non-certified hardness test of your part for evaluation purposes.

    This process can help with proper setup of your machine for testing to achieve the best possible hardness value.

    A low-resolution video and/or still-shot images will be included and sent via email.