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Established in 1964, United Testing Systems, Inc. previously United Calibration Corporation has succeeded in becoming one of the world’s premier manufacturers of state-of-the-art materials testing systems.
United is committed to establishing and maintaining itself as the front-runner in materials testing technology. United pioneered the first automatic data acquisition and reduction system to be used in conjunction with physical testing. United developed the first fully automatic test system able to test several samples in sequence without operator involvement. These breakthroughs have earned the United organization an enviable reputation as the “Pioneers in Tensile Data Acquisition.”
Headquartered in Fullerton, California, United currently manufactures a diverse line of materials testing equipment to accommodate virtually any material or force testing requirement. United is especially known for its line of computer-inclusive electro-mechanical test machines designated as the “SMART” series of test systems. These test systems feature the latest in software technology and range in capacities from 100 to 135,000 pounds ( 0.5 KN to 600 KN). United hydraulic testing machines feature capacities up to 2,000 KN (450,000 Lbf). United prides itself on offering test equipment built to exacting quality standards and designed to meet or exceed all applicable national and international published specifications relating to the operation of materials testing equipment.
All United test equipment is backed by a generous warranty program and supported by a well-trained and experienced staff of calibration and service engineers.
United staff members are available to consult with every customer individually, to determine their specific testing requirements and recommend the test system that is best suited to their individual needs.
Manufactured in Fullerton, California by United Testing Systems, Inc. United test equipment is also available world wide through an international network of factory-trained authorized representatives.
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Contributions to the Material Testing Field


1964: UNITED was established

1965: Introduced the Speedy Tester. The most competitively priced table top hydraulic tester in the western markets established

1968: Introduced the most efficient electro-mechanical testing machine of its time utilizing ball-screw mechanics

1974: First UTM machine manufacturer to incorporate a dedicated computer as part of a testing system

1980: Introduced a Fully Automatic System (FAS), capable of testing up to 65 samples without any operator involvement

1980: Introduced “E Series”, the only test system of its kind designed to test 6 samples simultaneously

1984: The first PC based UTM was introduced

1984: First Company to successfully produce and market a Rockwell Hardness Tester using load cell solid-state electronics instead of the traditional dead weight system

1991: Developed an automatic carbon fiber testing system.
The system included:
    -Laser fiber measurement technology for fibers with diameters in the range of 6-10 microns.
    -Bar code reader for specimen identification and control. Fully automatic system operation, data acquisition and control for measurement of over 250 test specimens  without operator intervention

2000: Developed a computer controlled Fatigue to Failure (FTF-48) test system capable of dynamically testing up to 48 rubber specimens at one time